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Counselling Vehicle (BH-2-205)
Mobile Counseling Unit (MCU) provides free and anonymous Voluntary counseling and testing Services (VCT) to high-risk populations in local areas.
In such van on board team comprises of a physician, counselors, a laboratory technician and a volunteer peer educator.
On unit the counselors do an initial assessment and referrals for treatment options.
Mobile Counseling Units help society by educating high-risk, vulnerable populations who are less likely to access Counseling Clinics due to several impediments.
On MCU health professionalsunderstand various health issues of people and suggest them appropriate treatment in friendly way.
By this mobile unit people get knowledge about preventives on various diseases.
Such unit helped people in many venerable diseases like AIDS; they got many related accessories, guide books and condom demonstrations on disease.
Exterior of these vans are designed with informative posters to educate people on concerned issues.