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 Multi-Patient Ambulances (BH-1-106)

Pre hospital care refers to any emergency medical care a patient receives prior to their arrival at the hospital or emergency department. Typically, this care comes from Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers. 

Multi-Patient Ambulance is used in mass-casualty emergencies.
Because of its larger usage it looks like an Ambulance Bus that can be deployed to major incidents, where multiple patients are present or expected.
These are used for different purposes like mass casualty incident response, offering on-site triage and testing hospital preparedness.
Multi-Patient buses are equipped with all the essential equipment required to treat various emergency cases.
These ambulances also have fire fighter, rehabilitation, hospital evacuation and rest home evacuation facilities.
The ambulance is provided with separate sections for storing defibrillator, cardiac monitor & ventilator.
Multi-Patient ambulances are also prepared to treat heat-related emergencies at public events and other health responders during a protracted fire or other disaster.
Alternatively, they can be used to transport multiple stretcher patients from sight of accident to the next definitive point of care.
These ambulances also have Critical care and Advanced Life Support systems to accommodate the needs of patients requiring constant intensive care.